Frequently Asked Questions


Why Amahs on Wheels and not hourly rated part time maid?

We are a professional cleaning and housekeeping company and we pride ourselves to provide the best service in all aspects:

Skill level

We have a 100% rate of local trained staff under Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ). Every year we undergo training for our staff to maintain our NEA License.


We promise consistency in our service. If the assigned housekeeper is on MC or on Leave, we will assign a replacement and our supervisor will personally be there to orientate the unfamiliar staff and provide quality assessment at the end of the cleaning session.


Quality checks are conducted after the first cleaning session to ensure standards and to evaluate if we meet your expectations. All subsequent checks will happen from time to time, or if there is a change of staff.

It is much cheaper to hire someone else’s foreign maid, why should I pay more for Amahs On Wheels?

Foreign maids are allowed to work only for their employer who has applied for their work permit. It is illegal for them to work for anyone other than their official employer. If caught, the maid be repatriated, her employer will lose their bond and be fined, and you will be prosecuted as well.

Do we screen and train our Amahs?

Definitely! Our Amahs are screened, interviewed and trained by an established quality control system. They are fully proficient and ready when assigned to a house/office.

Will I be assigned a regular Amah? What happens if she resigns or is on leave?

Yes, there will be a regular Amah who will be familiar with your needs. However, should she be unavailable, a substitute Amah will take her shift. The replacement cleaner will be accompanied by a supervisor to ensure quality service. Unlike match-making agencies or independent contractors, our Amahs are registered employees and we pledge to deliver quality service no matter the circumstance.

What are my liabilities? Do I need to purchase insurance for my Amah?

No, you do not need to purchase any insurance. Amahs On Wheels insures all our workers under the Workmen’s compensation. Should the Amah injure herself on your premise, the company will be responsible and liable for her injuries.

Do I have to be at home when you clean?

It is not necessary for you to be present at home. In fact, some of our services stem from clients who have vacant homes, or are overseas.

Should you be absent during servicing hours, the company will manage your keys with utmost confidentiality and privacy. Our long-term clients can attest to our responsible management.

So while at work or out of the country, you can look forwards to a clean house on your journey home.

What if I have more than 10 pieces of ironing for regular cleaning?

Before every contract, we will assign a supervisor to meet up and discuss the agenda of your chores. We will tailor the services to your needs.

Case study:

  • If ironing is very important to you, we could begin with ironing and leave the cleaning last.
  • Should your clothing load exceed a feasible amount, we could arrange to send for laundry servicing.
  • We can even arrange additional cleaning sessions to finish up the ironing.

Every household has its own demands and our supervisors are there to understand your needs. We provide a service that understands flexibility and caters to each client on a personal level.

What if I have no cleaning supplies and no idea what or where to buy?

Fret not, Amah is always here to help! What you need is a cleaning start kit and a cleaning pack that has all the essentials. If you are our customer, we provide complimentary delivery for cleaning supplies purchase from our shop.

Check out Amah’s Shop for dependable products we trust. Because Amah only uses the best cleaning supplies for your home.