Mattress and Upholstery Cleaning

Mattress and Upholstery Cleaning

Mattress and Upholstery CleaningThe textile on your mattress and curtains are unlike normal laundry. Avoid risking a home remedy when Amah is here to save the day with appropriate technology that will cleanse and keep your special textiles dry and fresh smelling.

We provide professional indoor dry cleaning and sanitization for commercial carpet and upholstery. For offices that have floors covered in carpet, our industrial cleaning methods will not only clean, but brighten and sanitize the carpet.

Proven to be 100% dry and chemical free, we use a special formula of crystalizing shampoo – your upholstery will remain dry and clean without any chemical residue.

With our dry cleaning solution, there will be no drying time or unpleasant odour and your curtains will be brighten and bacteria free! We use only the latest technology that is effective in creating a hygienic environment in your home or work place.

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