About Us

About Us

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Established in 1999, Amahs On Wheels was one of the pioneering cleaning services companies in Singapore. Their inception was more than just a business venture. It was fuelled by the social desire to find employment for people who could only manage part-time shifts, workers with little education and housewives.

Helmed by an experienced management team with over twenty years in the hospitality industry, their conception was an integration of 5-star excellence and domestic service. The merger of professional cleaning with domestic households was unprecedented then, and Amahs On Wheels was the first company in Singapore to deliver quality and professional cleaning services to private homes.


Distinguished from other match-making cleaning agencies, Amahs On Wheels is dedicated to quality service in every aspect. The business is built on professional management from staff discipline to quality checks and they are constantly adapting, enhancing and upgrading to maintain standards.

Quality is no doubt a key factor in their success and they perform stringent recruitment screenings to uphold the superiority of their employees. When it comes to training, Amahs On Wheels, with their professional cleaners, are committed to national levels of cleaning standards and are veterans in coaching housekeepers.

Amahs On Wheels was once approved as a certified training centre for the domestic cleaning service industry. In 2002, they were selected to contribute and formulate training modules for the NSRS (equivalent to today’s WSQ), and were one of the first few cleaning companies that collaborated with Spring Singapore and WDA.

Today, Amahs On Wheels boasts an extensive reach across the whole of Singapore. They not only clean residential houses, but also provide office cleaning services to clients from Multinational companies and prestigious clientele. With their fleet of vehicles, their housekeepers are ferried from home to home, transporting reliable service right to your doorstep.

While the endearing term ‘Amah’ conveys a rustic image, these housekeepers are far from dated cleaners. Amahs On Wheels keeps a look out for effective cleaning supplies from all over the world and equips their professional cleaners with modern cleaning technology and methodology.

As one of the first professional cleaning agency in Singapore to sell cleaning products online, Amahs On Wheels continues to set precedent in the industry as they grow.

As their name implies, Amahs On Wheels encapsulates mobility, reliability and quality you can trust. More than just a cleaning service, they provide the whole package of reliable management, meticulous checks and professional quality service.

After all, who else would you trust other than your very own Amah?


If there is one thing you can be sure of, it is Amah’s excellent work that upholds top quality standards.
With over twenty years of experience in the hospitality industry, our services are developed based off prestigious 5-star hotel standards.

We are proud to have achieved the continued renewal of NEA Licensing for many years. Unlike hourly-rated workers, our cleaners are trusted employees, hired under a highly selective process. 100% of our local employees are trained under the Environmental Cleaning (EC) Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) framework.

We ensure consistency in service, and do our utmost to provide manpower even in the event of unforeseen circumstances. We will try our best to engage replacements should your Amah be unavailable at the agreed time.

We maintain an environment that promises the wellbeing of our employees according to Singapore Workplace Safety and Health Council. We insure all our workers under the Workmen’s compensation and believe that it is our responsibility for their wellbeing.