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Z Water

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Z Water is purified pH12.5 ionized alkaline water made with advance Japanese technology that is chemical free and requires no rinsing after use.

Z Water has no colour compounds, no odours, non-sticky and no foam during use. Z Water is the perfect cleaning agent on areas that are sensitive to conventional cleaning chemicals, such as childcare centres, hospitals, F&B outlets and theatre seats. 

8 Important Benefits

  • No rinsing required, no residue left behind.
  • Floors/carpets stay cleaner and longer (since no chemical residue left behind).
  • Deodorises effectively (toilets/gyms/carpets)
  • Gentle and does not damage surfaces.
  • Kill bacteria and sanitise (e.g. sushi counter).
  • Eco-friendly - 100% chemical free and biodegradable
  • Transform your cleaning programme and profits!

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