Amah’s Shop

Amah’s Shop

At Amahs On Wheels, we believe in constant upgrade and that means we are always on a look out for new products to better equip our Amahs. Our experimental nature has led us to test international products and we are highly selective and sell only quality goods that have proven effective.

Our cleaning supplies are not your usual run-off the mill products they are hand-picked solutions that have shown consistent results. Chosen from international brands (some not sold domestically) and local products, you can be sure that our products are branded with quality.

These products are bound to remove stains and keep your house spick and span. So you can trust that our cleaning supplies are safe and effective for any sort of cleaning job.

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  1. Plastic Pail (2 Gallon)

    Plastic Pail (2 Gallon)


    Durable all-purpose pail Learn More
  2. Mop Wringer

    Mop Wringer


    Wringer to remove excess water from mop Learn More
  3. Good Morning Towel

    Good Morning Towel


    100% cotton cloth. High absorbency and fast drying. For general purpose cleaning Learn More
  4. Household Cleaning Sponge (5 pcs per pack)

    Household Cleaning Sponge (5 pcs per pack)


    Highly absorbent and durable sponges. For multi-purpose cleaning. 5 pieces per pack Learn More
  5. Heavy Duty Scrub Pad

    Heavy Duty Scrub Pad


    Heavy duty scrub. Scrub bottom of pan. Learn More
  6. Z Water

    Z Water


    Z Water is purified pH12.5 ionized alkaline water made with advance Japanese technology that is chemical free and requires no rinsing after use. Learn More
  7. Hand Held Scrubber

    Hand Held Scrubber


    Hard surface scrubber. Ideal for removal of tough stains Learn More
  8. Amahs' Starter Kit 1

    Amahs' Starter Kit 1


    • Microfibre cloth - 2 pieces (1 window cloth & 1 cleaning cloth)
    • Good Morning towel (4 pieces)
    • Pail with mop squeezer
    • String mop with handle
    • Toilet brush with holder (2 pieces)
    • Scrubbing brush with handle
    • Scouring Pad (5 pieces)
    • Long hard bristle broom
    Learn More
  9. Amahs' Starter Kit 2

    Amahs' Starter Kit 2


    • Pail with mop squeezer
    • Mop head with stick (2 pieces)
    • Toilet Brush with stand (3 pieces)
    • Good Morning towel (10 pieces)
    • Window Cloth (2 pieces)
    • Scrubbing brush with handle (2 pieces)
    • Scouring Pad (10 pieces)
    • Plastic Broom & Dustpan
    • Long Hard Brush
    Learn More
  10. Amahs' Cleaner Bundle

    Amahs' Cleaner Bundle


    • Disinfectant Cleaner
    • Neutral Cleaner
    • All-purpose Cleaner
    • GlassCleanerr
    Learn More

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